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Craving a Banana Split, The Kingsley Residents? Head to Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Company!

With a black and white checkered floor, bright red walls, and a glass display case filled with more flavors than you can count, Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Company is reminiscent of vintage ice cream parlors from the 1950s. This charming dessert spot is located in historic Old Town Alexandria, right near the popular Fish Market restaurant, so it makes the perfect place to stop for dessert before heading home to The Kingsley.

Despite its old-fashioned nature, Pop’s offers a number of unique ice cream flavors like carrot cake, pralines and cream, and red velvet on top of the more traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. You can get yours in a homemade waffle cone, cake cone, or in a plastic dish, or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, dress it up with tasty toppings and turn any ice cream flavor into a sundae!

Pop’s is open from noon to 10 p.m. daily.

Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Company
109 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 518-5374