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Where to Do Your Grocery Shopping Near The Kingsley: Trader Joe’s in Alexandria

A nationwide grocery chain with a location near The Kingsley, Trader Joe’s strives to offer healthy and sustainably produced groceries at affordable prices. This means that when you shop at Trader Joe’s in Alexandria, you’ll find bins full of organic produce (much of it locally grown) without the sticker shock you might get at other places. You’ll also find only the products that customers consistently indicate they want to buy: If it doesn’t sell, TJ’s simply discontinues stocking it, so you can be sure that everything on the shelf is customer approved.

If it’s your first visit to a Trader Joe’s, you’ll notice that the store’s atmosphere is pretty unique. The staff wears colorful Hawaiian shirts, and depending on when you visit, you might hear bells ringing throughout the store —they’re a fun and easy-on-the-ears alternative to the loudspeakers and PA systems you’ll hear at other stores. Don’t forget to partake in the free samples!

Trader Joe’s
612 N. Saint Asaph St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 548-0611