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Plan an Afternoon Tea Near The Kingsley at Teaism Old Town

With a name like Teaism, you might think that this place is just a tea shop. You wouldn’t be wrong, but ask any regular and they’ll tell you that Teaism is also much more than that.

At Teaism, you’ll certainly find an array of fine teas from all over the world: black, white, green, chai, and oolong, just to name a few. Most teas are sold both loose and in pre-measured teabags, and you can also pick up a variety of tea-related accessories (think carefully calibrated brewing pots, strainers, and such). Teaism is also an acclaimed restaurant, pairing gourmet teas with dishes like grilled salmon, fried chicken, and bread salad. The menu has an international flair, with Indian dishes like palak shalgam curry that go well with Darjeeling teas and Japanese options like udon noodles or bento boxes to enjoy with a green tea. Just looking for a snack? Teaism has a bar menu of bite sized snacks, as well as an extensive selection of cookies and baked goods.

Teaism Old Town
682 North Saint Asaph Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 684-7777