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Experience Authentic Mixian Noodles at Yunnan by Potomac

The owner of Yunnan by Potomac grew up in its namesake region of China, devouring the traditional Mixian rice noodles that are served at eateries all over the area. When she got married, her husband quickly discovered the appeal of her favorite dish on a trip to her homeland. The duo decided to bring authentic Mixian to Alexandria, and they opened Yunnan by Potomac just a few weeks ago. 

The menu is still relatively small, but the owners have plans to expand it as they continue to grow. For now, you can try five varieties of Mixian with different ingredients. The signature Little Pot Mixian features bone broth simmered in a copper pot with minced shiitake mushrooms, pork, Chinese chives, pickled mustard stems, spinach, and chili-soy vinaigrette. Other Mixian bowls boast braised beef, chicken, or tofu. Choose your meal and dive into a bowlful of international flavors at Yunnan by Potomac.